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Botox is the most effective in reducing wrinkles, minimally invasive and minimal complications. It relaxes the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles of the face, those that form the gesture or laugh. Because these muscles are disabled under the skin, do not form wrinkles. The temporal duration of 4 to 6 months. This means that to maintain its effect has go injecting basis.

Botox is ideal for treating wrinkles of the upper third of the face: forehead, eyebrows, especially the famous "crow's feet".

Thanks to get Botox tighten the skin ("lifting effect"), improves the appearance and quality of the skin, reduces wrinkles, gives luster to the skin, reduces the secretion of the skin (sweat) and increases the turgor skin.



This treatment can be applied in one or more areas.
- Zone A: Front
- Zone B: eyebrows
- Zone C: Crow's feet

The most used are hilaurònic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, all absorbable and temporal duration.

By reabsorbiles products and fatty infiltration of their own, we can get to volume, form and structure in certain areas of the face and other body parts such as cheeks, cheeks, lips, chin, hands, skin irregularities and depressions (scars) the penis (to thicken it), lips under the woman, buttocks, breasts, biceps, triceps, chest, etc..

Fat infiltration technique is relatively simple: a mini liposuction fat is extracted, centrifuged and injected into areas where it is needed.



This treatment can be applied in one or more areas.
- Zone A: eyebrows
- Zone B: Cheek
- Zone C: folds Grooves
- Zone D: Barcode
- Zone E: lips

These products are specially designed for people suffering from stress, have an accelerated pace of life, have a type of skin aging prematurely or lacks elasticity and firmness.

Our vitamins are indicated for dull or tired skin and the treatment of wrinkles. Also the redensificació of sagging skin and moisturizing deeply.

Vitamin packs that use lead hyaluronic acid (indicated by fill wrinkles), vitamins A, B, C and E, amino acids (to form proteins), minerals (to enable cellular), nucleic acids and reducing agents (stop oxidation of the cells of the dermis and the epidermis).

Depending on each patient, using a type of product or another, always looking expectations that complexity that requires each patient and the type of lips you have.

There are currently several products. Most HILURÒNIC acid is applied. It is a natural product that does not reabsorbile significant complications. It lasts for about a year. Furthermore there is a polyethylene glycol, whose duration is approximately two years. Currently also performed lip increases with the patient's own FAT, since there are no problems of rejection and has more lasting.

What is it?

It is a technique that uses polypropylene sutures, a non resorbable suture material to elevate the tissues relaxed. The sutures are introduced through a needle that penetrates the tissues.

It is performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation and lasts 45 minutes without the need for hospitalization and the estimated duration of the results is 4 years.

Who is suitable?

Young patient begins to feel relax facial tissue and loss of definition in his face.

By applying a product on the skin obtain a controlled acceleration turned the cell that helps to treat photoaging, the pigmentation, fine wrinkles, acne marks and also improves hydration and brightness skin.

The result depends on the product chosen and the time of exposure to this can be superficial peels at the times of spring and summer that provide light and moisture, and peels mid autumn and winter to correct abnormalities caused by alone.

According to the characteristics and skin types of each patient, our medical team selects the most appropriate treatments to restore softness and radiance of the face: facial mesotherapy vitamins, peel, IPL ...

Hyper-hydrate is a skin treatment that provides brightness, freshness and youth to face, thanks to one of the changes affecting counteracts skin aging process, which is the loss of water.

Involves the application of a specific hyaluronic acid for hydration using small skin infiltration in the areas most affected by the signs of aging: face, neck, décolleté and back of hands.

This type of treatment has a high hydration capacity, and this helps offset the loss of water from cells, stimulates cellular rejuvenation and returns the brightness and freshness to the skin.

Body Treatments

Reduces centimeters long with AQUALYS-Intralipoteràpia.

Removes localized fat destroying fat cells permanently.

This injectable solution breaks the fat cells gradually de las localized areas, resulting in the gradual dissolution of fat in the affected areas and therefore decreasing the volume.


Minimum 3 sessions.

Achieved normalization of sweat with great efficiency and duration.

The treatment lasts 15 minutes and is repeated every year, always depending on each person.

Breast augmentation, buttock, twins (without surgery)

The results are immediate and lasting, but not permanent because the effect lasts a year depending on each person. The product biodegrades gradually by the body, and that is why we have to keep repeating the process to achieve results.

The information on the web if not complement not replace the doctor-patient relationship. If in doubt consult with the referring physician.