Esthetic Surgery


The facelift is a surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate the face and neck of a person aged look stiff because over the years, sun exposure and environmental agents, stress, poor diet, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

It consists of building a "flap" of skin, fat and muscle tensing them and remove excess tissue, placing it so that we have a more youthful and patient. Surgery is a complex, delicate and meticulous. The lifting less aggressive, but highly effective, is the cervical lifting. It is a very hidden incision that surrounds the ear and pulls the skin and muscles of the face, so that eliminates existing wrinkles and flaccidity. 

The procedure is performed under local sedation. In other cases and according to the patient, we can also use general anesthesia.

In three weeks you can lead a normal life. Thanks treatments postoperative inflammation is not as important as years ago, so he and decreasing the week is very little. In two weeks the patient can do almost everything, even though there may be some other purple.

It does not hurt, just some calming 2-3 days after surgery. You feel itchy areas operated or feeling tightness behind the ears.

It is recommended that you take 15 days to sustain a band Face the face, neck and cheeks so that best suits your skin and reduce inflammation.

Lymphatic drainage is required after the first week of the intervention, to reduce inflammation.

Avoid sun exposure during the first two months and then apply high factor sunscreen on the scars and make massage with rose hips.

Anyone that due to aging or facial malformation, or due to a significant loss of weight, weakness has considerable skin wrinkles and increase with the years.

Women are approximately 50 years old in order to rejuvenate the person. We get stiff in 10 years the appearance of the person.

Like all surgery there are complications. It all depends on the surgical technique and especially the patient.

A person smoking not be operated unless I quit a couple of months before, and that tobacco harms the recovery of speech and there is more risk of bruising, poor wound healing and skin necrosis.

The information on the web if not complement not replace the doctor-patient relationship. If in doubt consult with the referring physician.