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Urology is the surgical specialty that deals with the study, diagnosis ytratamiento pathologies affecting the urinary tract, retroperitoneum and adrenal glands of both sexes and the male reproductive system, with no age limit.

Urology including sub-specialties such as urodynamics, neuro-urology, Female Urology (Urology Uro-gynecology or gynecological), the Endourology, Urology Paediatrics and Child Oncology Urology (Uro-oncology and urologic oncology), the andrology and more recently Urologic Robotic Surgery.

What do we offer?

Control and monitoring of common urological Patologiía pacienes affections such as prostate adenoma, the prostate, the PSA infections . Repeated urine as well as urinary incontinence.
Tracked Urological complete which can be studied Ecográticos of Fluxometria and even  URETROCISTOSCOPIA in short periods of time and also get advice and recommend treatments for erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation  Early.
Advises on the latest developments in the treatment of prostate adenoma, such as surgery or minimally invasive green laser
Laser Holmiun (enucleation) and in the treatment of prostate cancer, laparoscopic surgery or minimally invasive


The growth of the prostate can not be avoided. Is a consequence of aging. But sometimes there is symptomatic and degree of obstruction of urine, reduced bladder capacity, impedes the ability to suppress the urge to urinate and urinary tract infection can occur. In these cases you can try. It is important to recognition before these symptoms and went to the urologist to avoid complications.

A growing diagnosis, not the disease itself. More and more is detected early, when the tumor is small. Life expectancy is also increasing, so we do more diagnostics, but that does not mean there is more.

There was much discussion if cycling with a hard saddle caused a lack of blood to the penis because nerves and arteries were suffering to maintain long supported the perineum. It is true that cyclists who spend many hours on the bike, compression makes the penis feel corky. And a repeated problem in this area can lead to arterial injury, but they have to spend many hours and many days. The truth is that it is rare in the normal population. In professional can happen, but it is not usual. As for the fertility, there is no problem for practicing this activity.

It is a known cause of infertility that we can correct. When there is a dilatation of the vessels around the testes produce a lot of heat and that does not work well. The operation is simple, but not all men have to undergo surgery. Where applicable not produce infertility is not necessary. Now, if you have children, yes. The younger the patient, the more sense it has to have surgery.

The information on the web if not complement not replace the doctor-patient relationship. If in doubt consult with the referring physician.